video.NET RC3

Encode your video in different formats


  • Tons of supported formats
  • Good performance


  • Doesn't rip DVDs
  • Intimidating advanced settings

Not bad

video.NET is a simple, lightweight application for encoding DVDs or Blu-ray images into different formats.

Getting DVD and Blu-ray video to work with all of your devices can be a real pain. video.NET attempts to make it easier - but with one fatal flaw. While video.NET does encode DVD and Blu-ray images into different formats, it doesn't rip your optical media. This is a huge caveat as you'll need to use video.NET in conjunction with a DVD or Blu-ray ripping app.

Once you do have an image of the disc, point video.NET to its location and choose an output format. There are tons of options to encode. It supports Matroska codecs, as well as the more popular .mp4 for using with your iOS devices. There are advanced user options to configure in the settings but novices should probably leave them alone, as they don't provide any explanation about what each tweak does.

Overall, video.NET is good at what it does but we wish it included the ability to rip discs so we wouldn't have to use multiple applications.

Added custom x264 preset Many internal changes


  • Added custom x264 preset Many internal changes


video.NET RC3

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